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Henrique Mello

Who am I?

I am a data analyst, currently working at Mobilize Financial Services in Brazil. I have a degree in statistics from UFPR, and my resume is focused on data analysis and the different tools that can be used in this field. The idea behind this website is to talk a little bit about my professional experiences, but also to show the different statistical studies that I have done.


Here is my traditional resume with my activities and skills (click on the title), along with the link to my LinkedIn profile (click on the image).


December 2020 - Today

My second internship was at the Mobilize Financial Services, at the time it was still RCI Banque. This was definitely the most important professional experience I've had so far, it was there I learned how the executive world works and how my skills as a statistician are useful in a company. I learned to conduct studies, build models, organize my activities, defend ideas, among many other skills necessary in this world.

In July 2022, I was made permanent, assuming the responsibilities of a risk analyst, working in the connection between Brazil and France and providing assistance in the process of provisioning for IFRS 9 and 2682. So far, I have developed various studies that assist in the company's decision-making, in addition to collaborating with some statistical models. My programming skills were also heavily used in the automation of various processes, as well as the creation of new reports and databases. Today I am proficient in R, Python, SAS, SQL, and VBA, apart from excel and other similar tools. (Click on the title for more information about Mobilize)


Here are some statistical studies that I have already done. Unfortunately, I can not show what I produced at the bank because of compliance rules, but I believe that it is already possible to have an idea of how I work. (Click on the title to see my study portfolio)


November 2019 - December 2020

My first internship was at the municipal education secretary of Curitiba. It was my first contact with the professional world, and despite it not being a very demanding environment, it was a great introduction. My first studies were done at that time, with the help of my manager who was also a statistician. The focus was on research related to item response theory, a topic not very explored in the corporate world, but still very interesting and that helped me create a statistical mindset. It was during this internship that I also learned and perfected various tools that I would use in the future, such as Excel, VBA, Python and R. (Click on the title for more information about the municipal education secretary of Curitiba)


June 2018 - December 2020

My first job (which I split my day with the internship at the education department) was at the company my parents created, Broto Fácil. As it says on the website, "Broto Fácil is a family business that was born from the experience of a family in search of a healthier, sustainable life and that has a habit of sharing these knowledge with friends and the community". Basically, the idea was to sell kits for sprout production through e-commerce. Within the company, I was basically a jack-of-all-trades, doing tasks ranging from packaging products, to structuring strategies for the brand (the part that always left me more excited). During this time, I was responsible for marketing, having to learn how to use Facebook and Google Ads, creating campaigns and strategies. As I had knowledge in Python and Excel, I also helped structure various processes for the business organization. It was a time where I worked a lot, but I also learned a lot, in addition to directly helping my family. (Click on the title for more information about Broto Fácil)

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